Wednesday, 1 February 2012

She Tells All by Judah Lee Davis

After finding a pair of magic stilettos that transform her into the ultimate hot goddess, Madison Miller is certain she will get lucky tonight. But in her quest to find the ultimate hottie, she finds something so unexpected.

Now, as she takes a good, hard look at her life, she relives the past that transformed her into a vainglory vixen and realizes an important lesson about why she should NEVER sleep with strangers.

I got She Tells All from the author more than a month ago to review..I wish I had gotten to it sooner!

"Sometimes to get to heaven you need to go through hell."

Madison is a mess. Although she's really smart and talented, her life is a mess.
For as long as she can remember, Madison has been sleeping around (ALWAYS with the wrong guys) and doing everything possible to fuck up her life. She Tells All is the story of one woman, a compilation of her her various sexcapades over the years, which eventually ends with her getting her act together.

Madison's funny, strong and I love that she doesn't care what others think about her. She's happy being herself and no one could make her feel otherwise. I loved the way the book was written, like each chapter's a new story. Madison is fun. Really, she may be a little crazy but she's also laid back, independent and a survivor. She deals with any shit that gets thrown her way.

"Did you...?"

"No," I interrupted. I felt it noble enough that I'd just performed a pity fuck. There was no way I was going to lie about an orgasm, too."

I was laughing a lot of times, Judah Lee Davis has a wicked sense of humor - if Madison is a real person, I'd wanna meet her. She's unique and her attitude is one that a lot of women can relate to at least a little bit, at some point.

I was a little skeptical at first to read this book because I thought it might be some kind of Christian Fiction (which I tried but realized the genre wasn't for me) but it wasn't, not really. I have to say that this story has not one but various subtle messages that come along with it which was the best part of the book. A woman who has made every mistake possible could still get her happy ending. This book is hope. Realizing she deserves better than she's settled for her entire life - now, that's a message I approve of. It's nice to know that no matter how much you screw up in life, there's a higher power that has your back.

The story was short,mostly light and fun. Although She Tells All wasn't exceptional, I really enjoyed it. I would definitely check out Davis' next book, expecting more humor & entertainment!


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  1. Seems like an enjoyable read!
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